Tomor and Miranda Ajeti

Life and Mission in Albania

Start of spring...

Dear friends and partners in ministry

Greetings from Albania and God’s grace upon all of you

Spring is already here and we are enjoying the flowers and the start of warmth and sunny days in Tirana. We know that soon it will be getting very warm down here, but we rejoice that it is not too cold anymore and we gave a rest to our winter jackets!

We will let you know about the things that have been on our hearts and minds and about the things God has used us during this time in Albania. Miranda and me have been very involved in organizing things for our Victory Bible School with the students and also with ministries in the church and outside it. So here is a short summary.


Bible School

Since October last year the Victory Bible School has been running and blessing the students who are in it. We have had lots of teachers from abroad and locally as well, depending on the subject and availability. Almost every month we have had visitors from abroad. Most of them stay at our home, so home hospitality is part of school as well. We feel like we also are doing the school, since we often translate for the teachers but we have also had help from the believers in our church as well.

Some pics from the Bible School and some of the teachers:


The Bible School helps us to fulfill the great commission: To make disciples of all nations, Albania being one of those nations! We are sure that the WORD in the students will transform their lives and lead them in victories with God. Please continue to pray for the students and the teachers who are helping us in this school year.



Not just for Christmas

Helping the poor has been in our hearts for a long time in the church. We usually have food parcels for Christmas but this time we have thought to do something more intentionally. If the apostles had to be reminded about the poor , how much should we also be reminded .(All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor..Galatians 2:10 ).We decided as a church to gather food once a month, in our first gathering. So we have a box that gets filled with food each month and then a team of people go out to poor families and distribute it. A few families have been touched by this and some have received the LORD as well while receiving some help in this way!(We re not putting photos of poor families in our Newsletter for we feel it is dishonoring them. The LORD knows who they are and what they have need of.)


Working with Marriage and Families

During the month of February our schedule was filled with different speaking engagements, sharing about marriage and relationships in different settings. Being part of a national movement “The Marriage Week” we have worked with the core team in promoting values of marriage in our society. While the world is no longer a safe place for marriage, we continue to share and teach in and outside church setting how important marriage is and how we should take care of our relationship.

We travelled to Kosova, to encourage the church leaders to use the opportunity that the ‘Marriage Week movement’ offers to promote true values in society.


The visit with the president of Albania

At the end of the week of activities we were invited at the President’s office for coffee! This was in support of the movement and we were so glad by the warm welcome of the President and the first Lady of Albania, in hope that the government representatives will support initiatives such as this one, for the well-being of the society in our country.


Kajan church

The work in Kajan village continues. We had a great outreach with kids last Christmas and for Easter as well. Kids are growing in the Lord and the church there is also experiencing the blessing of God. Last time we had a meeting with ministers Mark and Cynthia Murphy from Ireland and the people were touched by God’s presence and love.

Ermir and Nazmija Janca are continuing the work, although in very difficult circumstances. We continue to pray for them regularly ,that they will be a light in that place for Jesus.


Women’s ‘UNIKE’ conference in Tirana

The preparation for the next UNIQUE conference is going on. Miranda with a team is organizing the conference for the second time. Last year more than 300 women from all Albania were present and encouraged. Miranda will be speaking at this conference so we would appreciate the prayers for this two day event. There is a lot to organize and do in the meantime.

This conference is organized with the help of Kerith Community Church in Bracknel, who are bringing the main speaker, pastor Catrina Benham and a team who will join her as well.

We also have a speaker from Sweden, Marianne Lidskog who will bring her experience in the Lord to the ladies as well.



As always we thank all our friends for they prayer and faithful support. The calling of God in our lives has been enhanced, strengthened and empowered by your prayers, sacrifices and commitment. Without it we could not do what we are doing in Albania. Thank you for continuing to keep in touch with us as the opportunity allows you.


Love in Christ,

Tomor and Miranda