Dinosaur and The Water

A prophetic word about a "Dinosaur And The Water" was brought to us as a Church back in 2008. This word is still relevant to us today.

I believe that the Lord is saying, that there has been a small group of women that have prayed in this specific area and never got to see the fulfilment of their prayers, but it is like underneath the spiritual ground of this place is their prayers. Prayers that were offered up for this place, and it is like a well waiting for us to re-dig here when we tap into the word that the Lord gave those ladies.

The picture that I saw was an animation of a dinosaur, and what happened what this herd of all different kinds of dinosaur came to what they thought was a watering hole but it had dried up – but one of them heard the water bubbling under the ground, and he pressed his great big pad down, and as he pressed he found the source of water the water started to rise. It started as a small little spring and it became like a great big pond, and all the other dinosaurs came rushing to drink and there was enough for everybody. I believe that through this picture God is saying that we are going to tap into what is already here. It is underground and we tap in, we press in and the water springs up and the people will come to drink. It will be bigger than we imagine. Bigger than you imagine – people will come to drink.

The encouragement of this is "Get ready".  Get ready to widen your tent. Press into the anointing that is in this place.  That which starts with a trickle will end up like a rushingfountain. Like Victoria Falls

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