Mark 16 v15 ‘He said to them “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”
TCF has always had, as part of its DNA, the desire to fulfil these words from Jesus in the Bible

In practical terms, most of the work we are involved in is with people that we have known over a number of years and developed a relationship with. This gives us the confidence to use resources and know that they will be used to good effect among people and communities amongst whom they are working. The majority of Mission work we support is oversees, but on occasions we do support Mission work in the UK. Financially speaking, 10% of our income is giving away to supporting Mission work.
Our heart is to serve and be at the disposal of church leaders and community workers who themselves understand their culture and know how to direct our efforts appropriately.
There is another side mission – that those who go are challenged, inspired and consequently grow in gifts and ministry but primarily find a deeper sense in their heart of what Jesus intended for their lives.

We are always open to hear your heart and vision for the nations so please feel that you can come share with leaders here.

Over the last 40 years people from our Church have visited nations in every continent in the world to share the love of Jesus in a holistic approach to the mandate given to us. Updates from various areas are included in the sub pages of Mission.


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