Our Identity

In Isaiah 60:22, there is a verse which says “The least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation. I am the Lord, in its time I will do this swiftly”.

This scripture was first brought to us in 1975 and ever since then has been the foundation of how we believe God is coming to Corringham and fulfilling His promises in and through the local community here. This particular scripture has been reaffirmed many times over the years since then.

Isaiah 60:22 is our identity and our DNA. It is generational and we pass it on from one person to another, from one generation to another, to new disciples and new congregations. As “one liners” we continually develop and embed the following principles:-


1. The Presence of God in our gatherings and in our lives
    Exodus 33:14-15


2. The Worship of God - Responsively through songs, words, creativity and in our everyday lives
    John 4:23-24


3. The Kingdom of God - Bringing the values, vision and power of Heaven to Thurrock
    Matthew 10:7-8


4. The Bride of Christ, the Body of Christ, and the Family of God – We are part of these heavenly identities
   in our local area

    Revelation 21:2-3


5. Body Ministry - Each one of us expressing the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the good of God’s people
    1 Corinthians 14:26


6. Hearing the Voice of God through his Spirit in us - intentionally listening and then obeying
    Romans 8:14;  Galatians 5:16,25


7. Supernatural Living - Relying on answered prayer and the miraculous power of God in our lives together
    John 4:48;  Acts 2:22


8. Generosity as a Heart Attitude – Shown in our kindness to one another, in our rejection of cynical
   negative thinking, and in  financial support for the work of Christ and relief of poverty

    1 Corinthians 14:26


9. The Bible is True and Inspired - To guide and teach us what living with Jesus is all about
    Romans 8:14;  Galatians 5:16,25


10.Welcoming and accessible to all - Passionate about reaching our community with Christ's love
    Galatians 3:26-28;  Acts 5:20


11.Leadership is Team - Together we leaders humbly steer the Church by submitting to the Holy Spirit, to
    one another, and to each other's areas of gifting. We exercise our authority gently and take our
   responsibilities sreiously. 

    Acts 14:23


12.God receives the Glory - We give Him all the credit. 
     Revelation 14:7  1 Peter 4:11





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