Seeking God

It is a vital element of a healthy church to take deliberate time out away from everything else to meet together to hear what God is saying to us. To release the spiritual gifts in particular the gift of prophecy.

Our recent weekend with Mark Birch-Machin re-ignited our passion to have a regular rhythm of times of “Seeking God” together, not only to release the prophetic but also to pray together for the future direction of TCF, opening up God’s word and bringing encouragement, challenge and direction to each other.

We know and understand that we are called to go into all the world and make disciples everywhere, and these times will help us bring some direction in this.

Our Seeking God evenings are held on the last Friday of every month except in the month of December - when it is put back to the first Friday in January. They are held in the TCF Corringham Centre Main Hall.