What Kind Of Church

Over recent weeks we have looked at the importance of understanding the identity of of our Church both as individuals and as TCF in our local community.

This includes:-
Our DNA - what we have been, what we are and what we are aiming to continue to produce in the future.

Our CULTURE - what we are aiming to live 7 days a week, what we are looking to grow, what we are focusing on an d what we want to work though our lives every day.

Our FOUNDATIONS:- What we are building on, what we are hearing from Giod and from thsi what we need to put into practice.

To heklp us further in this we are currently looking at a series produced by Evangelical Alliance entitled "What Kind Of Church". This series is designed to hekp us answer the question "What kind of Church changes a nation ?"

It is not a manual to work from - but instead it provokes thought, discussion, reflection, seeking God and change in us and the Church in order  to meet the changing world of today.

The talks for each week are on the TEACHING DOWNLOADS page. The accompanying videos are accessible from the links below:-


SESSION 1 - Everything Has Changed

Video 1 - Everything Has Changed

Video 2 - Liminal

Video 3 - Encounter and Engage

Video 4 - Back To Front Mission

Video 5 - Holding Lightly

Video 6 - Attitude Of Gratitude

Video 7 - Dare To Dream