Special Educational Needs And Disability

Nikki O’Regan receiving on behalf of Treasure Children Forever Portage stamp of Approval Award in June 2018






Special Educational Needs & Disability

Treasure Children Forever has worked with a wide variety of children who have Special Educational Needs or Health Needs.

Children come to us through recommendation with identified conditions but in many cases we will identify concerns around the child and will work with the parents to support their child in the best way possible. This may be by seeking support from outside professionals or for children with low level need the Pre School staff giving that child some extra support & time.

We have worked with children with the following conditions:

Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Hearing Impairment.

Visual Impairment.

Speech & Language Delay.  

Global Delay.

Physical Disability.

In some cases our experienced staff work on a 1-1 basis. The environment is adapted to support children’s needs. Including a sensory room & a quiet room. Children free flow between our 2-3yr old room the outside space & our 3-4yr old room. This allows the child to make the choice of where they are most comfortable. 

Our Special Needs Coordinator Nichola O’Regan is on hand to support parents, help them navigate the outside support available, attend meetings & appointments.

As a setting we celebrate all our children’s achievements & progress. This is particularly special with our children that have had to work that bit harder, we do this regularly sharing successes with lots of verbal updates and photos.