Marriage Course

Thurrock Christian Fellowship runs a Marriage Course for any couple already in a long-term relationship who wish to enhance it by learning how to put into practice the timeless principles of good relationships, many of which are found in the Bible.  People who are either married or in a long-term cohabiting relationship are welcome to attend.  The course will suit those of any faith or of none, equally well; there is no requirement to be a Christian.

This is not a course for couples who are engaged and living apart – since most of the teaching and practical examples found in this course relate to the process of living together in the home.  Instead, we will put on pre-marriage courses for engaged couples, usually on a couple-to-couple basis, on request.

We have chosen the excellent HTB Marriage Course, which is highly respected, informative, interesting and fun!  It will consist of short DVD presentations mixed with discussion exercises between relationship partners only.  There is no ‘group work ‘and no personal details are ever shared with the wider group.

Course Leaders

Andy and Judith Acreman lead and act as hosts for this course.  They have been happily married for 31 years and have two adult children.  They have previously been part of ‘Care For The Family’ and have led many marriage workshops in different parts of the UK.

For more information - do not hesitate to contact either
Andy or Judith Acreman.