Thurrock Christian Fellowship Trust Board

Thurrock Christian Fellowship is a Registered Charity – No. 297569 – and as such operates with a Trust Board and Trustees.

The Trust Board members are :-

Andrew Acreman
Trustee & Chairperson


Ricky Cranefield
John Freeman
Trust Board Advisor - Business


Nicola Nsubuga

Allison Jones
Trust Board Advisor - Children

  Godfred Adomako

The Trustees meet approximately once every 3 months. Their main roles are:-

  • Set and maintain vision, mission and values.
  • Develop strategy.
  • Establish and monitor policies.
  • Set up employment procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with Governing Document.
  • Ensure accountability.
  • Ensure compliance with the law.
  • Maintain proper financial oversight.
  • Support the TCF Leadership Team.
  • Respect the role of all staff.
  • Maintain effective board performance
  • Promote the organisation.


The TCF Trust Board regularly produces reports which can be viewed via the Charity Commission website.