As Christians we have a tremendous opportunity to proclaim the gospel and give evidence of God's grace working in us by giving generously.

God also gives us the opportunity to proclaim to the world and our community His sufficiency and provision, and also our generous giving. It:-

  • Invigorates our devotion to Christ.
  • Frees us from tyranny of consumerism
  • Provides an outlet for compassion
  • Provides an opportunity to teach our families that money is a servant and not a master.
  • Releases the local Church to do its place of mission and ministry in the world.



The simple answer to this question is "because you want to " Giving - like all Godly obedience, is not a matter of begrudging submission, but rather the desire of a changed heart in response to God's grace. As 2 Corinthians 9:7 says "God loves a cheerful giver"

Sometimes, as those still influenced by the sinful desires of the world, giving is not cheerful. In such cases we are still exhorted to give, whilst also seeking God for forgiveness of any selfishness, greed or covetous attitudes still lingering in our hearts. We should meditate often on His provision, especially on the overwhelming generous gift of His son Jesus Christ, who was so freely given for us. Failure to do this may lead us to forget how insignificant our gifts are in relation to all He has given !

We are also encouraged to remember that all things belong to God, and that we are simply stewards of that which rightfully belongs to Him. Failure to joyfully give is a failure to recognise His ownership. Therefore the release of our financial resources is an expression of our understanding of God and our relationship to Him.



The scriptures encourage us to give in a number of ways:-

These are the consistent and routine gifts of the believer, primarily described in the Old Testament where they included giving of 10% of the first harvest to the Lord. This form of giving was so important that to not give was considered robbery. (Malachi 3 : 8 - 10) It is important to note that the New Testament does not nullify the call for tithes, but adds to the understanding of true tithing (Matthew 23:23, Luke 11:42) In other words tithing alone is not a sufficient expression of obedience, but is necessary. A wise interpretation of the whole of scripture leads us to conclude that tithing is a healthy and necessary starting point for our giving.

Gifts given beyond a tithe. They can be consistent or in response to a need that arises. The purpose here is a worshipful recognition of God's goodness and a desire to bless others.

A sacrifice is what it says - a desire to give something up for the sake of others. In 2 Corinthians 8:3 Paul writes to the Macedonian Churches who gave "beyond their ability. Entirely on their own ... pleading for the privilege of sharing in the service"



In some senses we are to give to anyone in need. At the same time we must recognise the role God gives the local Church. A considered approach to giving should always set aside tithes and offerings to TCF in light of its responsibility to support its leaders, share with widows and the poor, and also ensure equal support for the work of Mission.

We believe that all who are part of TCF should begin by giving tithes and offerings to the local Church, and in this case the central finances of TCF, as an important regular spiritual discipline. This is our "first fruits" offering.

Through the mission of the Church there may be many opportunities that arise where we can give beyond our tithes and offerings as we learn to share our possessions together and as God leads us to bless and minister to people in our community.

In addition we urge people to have a lifestyle defined by generosity and sacrifice. This question is never "How much should I give ?" but rather "How much can I give" Our desire should be to give generously to family, friends, neighbours and strangers in addition to - not instead of - our local Church.



There are a number of ways you can give to TCF:

Regular Standing Order:
This is by far the simplest way of giving and proves very helpful for us as it provides a fixed minimum income every month. This can easily set up online with your bank, or you can contact us for a Standing Order Form.

Our bank details are:

Thurrock Christian Fellowship
Lloyds Bank Corringham
Sort Code: 30 - 18 - 34
Account Number: 00164657


At Any Sunday Gathering:
There is an opportunity to give at any of our Sunday Gatherings. Here you can give by cash or cheque (made payable to TCF).



In addition to the above, if you are a UK taxpayer we are able to claim the tax back from the government, increasing each gift you make by 25%. This is of huge benefit to us, providing essential income. Please use the Gift Aid envelopes provided at any Sunday Gathering or complete the form on the Gift Aid pages.



All financial giving is treated with utmost confidentiality, and will be handled through our charitable status Registered Charity 297569.