The Threshing Floor


Prior to the Thurrock Christian Fellowship Church being in Giffords Cross Road, Corringham, there were barns and a threshing floor built on the site where the local farmers would bring in the sheaves from the harvest. The sheaves would then go through the threshing process using a sledge, winnowing fork and sieve to seperate the grain from the straw. The grain would later be ground into flour etc to make bread to eat. 

It is very interesting to find out that the TCF main building has been built right on top of a threshold floor ! There are many spiritual comparisons here that we as a Church are seeking to unpack over the next few weeks particularly in our Seeking God meetings.

Gladys Adomako recently spoke about and unpacked more about The Threshold Floor during recent talk. Follow this link to the Sunday teachings.

Alos below are links to the PowerPoint presentation and the YouTube video that were used:-