Recently a number of people have had dreams about God's Kingdom coming from Heaven to Earth through His Church here is TCF. We will seek to provide a brief outline of them on these pages.


Here is a precis of one received by John F on 29th March 19



We were all gathered in the Main Hall – we were gathered their specifically in response to what we have heard over recent weeks about the Holy Spirit and the Presence of God. There were about 100 people there which included some new people and also some people who had returned to TCF. There were also about 100 chairs laid out but only a few people were sat down. Some people were standing at the front and others were walking around at the entire room not worship or praising God, not praying and in fact not saying much, but instead everyone had an incredible expectancy and a yearning for the Holy Spirit and His Presence to come.

I looked up and saw that there were what I can only describe as looking similar to 3 huge TV monitors fixed to the walls. They looked like TV monitors but they weren’t. They were rectangle and about 12 feet in width by about 6 feet in height. They reminded me of the type of monitors that you get in the corner of some football stadiums or to relay what is going on at huge conferences.  One was on fixed on the centre of the wall behind the stage. A second one was fixed somehow diagonally across  the left hand corner and a third was similarly fixed in the right hand corner. I wondered what their purpose was and then I realised that they weren’t TV screens or monitors but in fact they were “portals” and suddenly 100s of white chariots started to come out of all of them and began flying around the room. It was like a swarm – they were all flying around the room in a clockwise direction. They were white in outline  and had what I can best be described as being a bit like “Casper The Friendly Ghost” type imagery to them. The chariots were quite small in size only about two or three feet in length but there were loads of them. Each chariot was being driven by an angel again who was in white and was holding a sword in their right hand.   The chariots flew around the room and the angels were shouting “Victory, Victory, Victory” .  People could understand that God was bringing victory over situations that they had been holding onto or encountering for a long long time. People were rejoicing and praising God after being healed, and receiving  breakthrough into long term situations within their family, relationships, finance work etc etc and new clear direction in their life being received. We also all felt a sense of that this “victory” that should be carried out of the building and into our day to day lives and to the people we meet. An equipping to show people that Jesus can overcome anything in people’s lives and to bring life and hope to them.

People were rejoicing at the front of the building and more and more angels in their chariots kept pouring out and I sensed that God was saying that he had not finished – He had only just started. I and others went to the an area which is just a few feet away from the step end of the baptism pool and there we dug out wet soil. It was very unusual because it was a golden brown in colour. When we asked what should we do with it we were told to breath out some of the Holy Spirit that God had already  given us individually and was living in us. In doing so we breathed out several times and after a few breaths the soil became totally dry and it was now a shining gold colour. This was not easy to do – you had to really exert yourself and release from what was in your deepest inner most being. ( Glenda mentioned this morning that I had another night of great huffing puffing and major groaning in my sleep and she thought about waking me up ! ) When I think about it was the same type of intensity that I experienced when I stretched out my hand and spoke fervently in tongues in that last dream I shared)

We then scooped up a couple of handfuls of the now dry golden soil and went to the people still standing at the front. There we were to place it on the eyes of these people. I asked why we were placing it on people’s eyes because I thought placing soil into their eyes might do some harm. But the angels said “Remember what happened when Jesus spat in the mud and put the mud on the eyes of the blind man – he received sight.” Here were some people who for ages simply couldn’t see their way through their situation and were now in a position of acceptance as what it was.  Life was dark and all light and hope seemed to be extinguished. The soil was placed on their eyes and in doing so, situations that had been closed for years were broken open and the God’s light began to shine through in that phanerosis moment.