Community Groups

Community Groups
Community Groups are a central part of  life at TCF. We encourage everyone to join one of our groups as they are a great opportunity to build relationships with others and Jesus. They are a place where we can be open and honest, pray, encourage and support one another. Community Groups create an environment which is accessible to all. They are inclusive for all e.g. children, youth family and friends etc.

Community Group Hosts
Our Community Groups have wonderful hosts who have been willing to open up their homes for the Groups to meet in on the first three weeks of each month.

The aims and purposes remain the same in each Group, namely Belonging, Growing, Living Life, Learning, Generosity and Worship. Understanding this and also that people nowadays have varied life styles, work and family commitments, a number of different venues and days of the week have been chosen to give a broad range of opportunities for people to  access and be part of any Group.

The Groups will have an element of food and eating together !  - ranging from light refreshments, to lunch, to sharing an evening meal. Please simply talk to the hosts of each group in advance—as that helps !

When And Where Community Groups Are Held
Community Groups are held during the first 3 weeks of any month. The "first" week is always the week immediately following a 1st Sunday Celebration. Please see webiste Calendar if you are not sure.

They are currently held in two different locations - one in Corringham and one in Grays :-

Thursday Evening David & Hannah Acreman, - 23 Berkley Hill, Corringham, Essex, SS17 7TR
Thursday Evening

Ricky and Gillian Cranefield, 47 Buxton Road, Grays, Essex, RM16 2WU